Our team is a reflection of who we are and what we stand for. That is why we only look to hire and promote people who are committed to our mission of personal growth and improvement.


We want all members of our team to see their employment at Golden Egg Publishing as a vehicle for their own development. A career shouldn’t be restricted to an office or board room, it should help people develop a set of skills that transfer to all parts of their life. We take great pride in providing a work environment that offers room for growth both in and outside of the company. Our goal is to make any member of our team better off after having worked with us.


Another staple of our team is a commitment to fellow team members. At Golden Egg we treat team members like family! This sense of camaraderie makes the workday more enjoyable, propels us through stressful times, and helps us achieve our company goals.


While some of us work remotely, we like to organize fun activities to bring the team together. Some of the activities we’ve done in the past include attending masterminds, renting a beach house for a company offsite, and going snorkeling on the coast of Puerto Rico. Company gatherings have occurred in cities such as San Juan, Las Vegas, San Diego, Barcelona, Prague, and Amsterdam.

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